17 Images that Highlight the Dangers of Swimming in the Ocean


16. The hammerhead is another fierce shark you would not want to come across in deep water. These sharks consider humans as their number one threat, which motivates them to attack. They use there hammer-shaped head to hunt down prey. However, hammerhead sharks vary in size, and the larger ones are potentially deadly.

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Funny Cats Posing Like Pin Up Girls

ADVERTISEMENT 2. No! No! No! Do not do that Kitty! It will hurt you. Kitties do not play football. Well behind by the way! Not the lady, LOL! The Kitty, of course. You might think she is stuck, but I do not! Instead, I think she will make my team …

The Most Remarkable Oscar Outfits Ever

ADVERTISEMENT 29) Katy Perry Photo Credit: © depositphotos Katy Perry decided to shock her fans with this red outfit. This dress was so unexpected from her, but she had to steal the show in any way possible. From the composition of this outfit, you could rarely tell the best part …

Photos That Prove Instagram Lies To You

ADVERTISEMENT 14) A Bad Day For Tweety When people are chatting on various social media platforms, they use tweets to simplify what they want to express. In most incidences, there is too much hidden information that many people do not know concerning some of the common tweets. Many of the …