Best Proposal Every Girl’s Dream


1. Going on one knee is one thing. However, if she is the girl of your dreams, make her feel like she is on top of the world – quite literally! This proposal has a touch of genius. Nothing screams ‘romantic’ more than fog-covered mountains and medieval sidewalks at that very moment she says no. Moreover, if she were to say no, you would still feel like the champion you are! Bravo !

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Funny Cats Posing Like Pin Up Girls

ADVERTISEMENT: 15. No! Do not piss off your other kitty. What are you trying to do? Swim? Please kitty, don’t! You look awkward enough. This kitty is not going to win in a swimming competition anytime soon, but I have to applaud him getting into the fish-like wooden basket. The …

15 Strategies to Boost Your Immune System Against COVID-19

COVID-19 is continuing to sweep most of the countries across the world, with various cases surging every day. Due to this reason, most people are desperately looking for many ways that they can prevent it. Also, others are looking for strategies that can boost their immune system against COVID-19. Here are the strategies that people should consider.

The Most Remarkable Oscar Outfits Ever

ADVERTISEMENT: 16) Angelina Jolie Photo Credit: © depositphotos Angelina Jolie is fond of taking the attention of everyone when it comes to her choice of outfit for the red carpet. She is always recognizable in all Oscars; this is especially when she got an iconic statement back in 2012. This …