I Wish I Could Get Someone Like This



1. It must have been at night. She did not manage to get out of bed to have some dinner. Maybe she is not feeling well. Perhaps she is testing how caring her partner is. With a grin in his face, he comes in and sits beside her. However, he did not just come. He is carrying a bowl of soup. He tries to help her have a sip. However, she behaves as if she does not want the soup. The smile in his face glows, it seems he is not giving up his intention to feed her.


Photos That Prove Instagram Lies To You

Instagram is a social media platform for social media photos. With this regard, many people with an Instagram account can post whatever they want, whenever they want. Let us have a look at the at Instagram photos that are fake. 15) Tagged Pictures Are Never Great It is a shame that we have some of…

Couples That Cook Together, Stay Together

27. Phones and tablets are destructions to most couples. However, they are entertainment gadgets that captivate you as you cook together. You use them for a common goal. To keep you engaged and smiling. You prefer to have her scroll into the tablet as you both laugh at the jokes. When you take a little…

Best Proposal Every Girl’s Dream

15. Water showers you with lots of tranquility. Whenever you need to relax, you prefer to spend some time next to a water body. He, however, is not fond of this habit, but today he has offered to come along. You accept because you feel it would be more peaceful with him around. Before long,…