I Wish I Could Get Someone Like This


5. It is dark. Both of you are not at home. You are not with friends either. You are somewhere in the field. You are at a strategic point where you can watch the gleam of the stars, as you look into each other’s eyes. With a chopstick in your hand, you grab his noodles. Perhaps to feed him, or maybe just to feel the taste of his. Going out with your partner- to a weird place- is the best refreshing moment you can have.


These Elderly Celebrities Barely Resemble Their Former Selves

ADVERTISEMENT The limelight that used to shine upon these superstars was large and vibrant. Years later, the same light is focusing everyone’s attention on how these icons have aged. These people are still liked; it seems like that their choices to “let go” or change their look are unexpected. However, …

Funny Cats Posing Like Pin Up Girls

ADVERTISEMENT 1. I sure want to cuddle someone after seeing this. Lol. Well, the half-naked lady can sure drive some emotions all around you. The Kitty does not want to be left out. Although not as comforting as having those boobs and smooth skin on the tree but Hey! Do …

15 Strategies to Boost Your Immune System Against COVID-19

COVID-19 is continuing to sweep most of the countries across the world, with various cases surging every day. Due to this reason, most people are desperately looking for many ways that they can prevent it. Also, others are looking for strategies that can boost their immune system against COVID-19. Here are the strategies that people should consider.