Love & Lavish Lifestyles: Who Holds the Heart of the Mega Wealthy?


The partners of the world’s wealthiest individuals often lead lives most can only dream of. With their own substantial wealth, many of these spouses are no strangers to the exclusive ranks of millionaires and billionaires. Some may also donate their time and resources to charitable organizations and worthy causes. The lives of these elite individuals and their partners are shrouded in mystery. Here are glimpses into the lives of the spouses of the world’s affluent personalities.

20. Priscilla Chan – $128 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg, the mastermind behind Facebook, finds himself tethered to Priscilla Chan, a once-practicing pediatrician who has now transformed into a formidable philanthropist. Their serendipitous union occurred during their Harvard days, culminating in their nuptials in 2012. Together, they embarked on a noble mission by establishing the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a conduit through which their munificence has flowed, bestowing over $4 billion to countless charitable endeavors. Complementing their magnanimous pursuits, the couple also holds an astounding 18 million shares of Facebook, a colossal fortune with a staggering market value of $900 million.

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