The New Fad in Beauty Treatments From These Ancient Rituals


The New Fad in Beauty Treatments From These Ancient Rituals

Almost every potion or lotion that we use on our skin, hair and nails is artificially made in a lab. This is despite the current trend of moving towards the use of natural beauty products and organic ingredients. All in all, modern technology is quite incredible, concoctions are carefully studied and specially formulated to provide maximum result. Their supernatural, anti-aging benefits are really irresistible.

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It is easy to overlook the fact that throughout the history of human beings, most individuals obtained their beauty fixes the old fashion way. This is due to the market having plenty new and enhanced commercial products which are available at an ever-increasing rate. In the old-fashioned way minerals that were obtained directly from the ground, vegetables and fruits were used. There was no influencer-endorsement or millennial pink packaging required.

Information about the benefits of particular regimens and ingredients has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Folk knowledge and a mix of anecdotal evidence was used in the passage of this knowledge. These traditions that mostly used a nature-body approach developed into the certified skincare rites that infiltrated ancient cultures.  Luckily a large number of practise are currently still being applied.

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Many of these rituals are experiencing a rebirth in popularity as a fresh group of curious travellers look out for richer experience from areas they visit. The visitors need to be provided with a stronger sense of culture and place so as to keep up with the demand. This has led to more resort spas combining elements picked from local and ancient traditions into their current wellness programs. A good example is the spa at The Ritz-Carlton in Cancun which came up with a whole roster of services that rely on the medicinal plant understanding of the native Yucatan tribe.

The assistant director of the spa explains they came up with a treatment that was enthused by the Mayan culture. The treatment uses local and natural product manufactured in local Mayan communities. The assistant director further says that they are able to provide their visitors with a holistic journey to rejuvenation by merging human touch, expertise and nature together. With the aid of ocean wave sounds and unique tradition elements they able to offer their guest with the best treatment.

Most of the treatments offered at the spa are fixed with mystical ritual elements. A copal incense which smells like sage or palo santo is used for the energetic cleanse provided when starting some services. At the end of each treatment, the guest is also more likely to be given a wooden necklace crafted by native Mayan artisan. Massages are incorporated with sea shells that release into the skin nourishing minerals.

Mayan skin ingredients are involved in each of the treatments. Here are some of the ingredients and the benefit they offer.


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It contains Vitamin A that reduces wrinkles, pigments and sun damage.


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It contains fatty acids, antioxides and a high concentration of vitamins that penetrate the skin pores leaving it smooth, moisturized and soft


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It is considered a superfood and notable for its high concentration of minerals and antioxides.


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Used I treating a number of skin disorders for example cellulite, eczema, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation.

Melipona Honey

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It contains antioxides, anticancer properties, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. It is known to accelerate healing.


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Contains vitamin C, silica acid and caffeic which enable it to fight inflammation, help in sunburn cases and also helps to firm sagging skin.

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