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With eyes that offer a wonderful feeling of a spring sky, this Indian girl has a set of unquestionably stunning natural eyes. The depth of blue shade might lead you to reflect on whether they are actually real.

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Elephant Unearths Jaw-Dropping Discovery After Epic 11-Hour Dig!

A Strange Elephant In the Chatra district, situated 100 miles away from Ranchi and renowned as the “City of Waterfalls,” the path chosen by the migrating elephants had captured the villagers’ attention. While the region was accustomed to the regular visits of these gentle giants passing through, one particular elephant …

Love & Lavish Lifestyles: Who Holds the Heart of the Mega Wealthy?

19. Miranda Kerr – $60 Million Miranda Kerr, a renowned Victoria’s Secret Angel, finds herself in the throes of wedded bliss as she is joined in matrimony with none other than Evan Spiegel, the illustrious founder and CEO of Snapchat. As if that were not enough to leave tongues wagging, …

These Elderly Celebrities Barely Resemble Their Former Selves

2) Sally Struthers Sally Struthers looked fantastic as the vivacious Gloria Stivic in All in the Family. She developed into one of America’s “darlings.” Struthers, who portrayed Archie and Edith Bunker’s child in the premiere, was replaced by Candice Azarra. Struthers’ good looks have not followed her into old age. …