Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife In 19 Pictures


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Have you ever felt that you and your lover created a common world that no one is able to steal from you? Then you’re a really lucky person! It doesn’t matter if it’s a boring Sunday or a happy Friday, you always have to remember that feeling that you and your lover possess – remind yourself every day to keep that world alive!

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19.Alicia Vikander Vikander svéd származású, aki a legnagyobb áttörést az Oscar-díjas Gerda Wegener szerepével érte el. 7 évesen kezdett el színészkedni, de 9 évesen balettozni kezdett. Legutóbbi filmszerepe Lara Croft volt a Tomb Raider filmsorozat újraindításában, korábban Angelina Jolie-val.

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A Strange Elephant In the Chatra district, situated 100 miles away from Ranchi and renowned as the “City of Waterfalls,” the path chosen by the migrating elephants had captured the villagers’ attention. While the region was accustomed to the regular visits of these gentle giants passing through, one particular elephant …

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