Tori Roloff: First Child Incurable Diagnosis and More Saddening Family Troubles

Tori Roloff is known for her reality TV show called Little People, Big World. When she gave birth to his son, she realized that the newborn was just like his father, who was also diagnosed with dwarfism. However, she was never worried about the situation. All she wanted was good health for her son. She had no idea this was the beginning of her troubles.


20 Everyday Situations Only Couples Can Understand!

Did you ever fall in love? Have you ever moved in with your bae and shared each other’s lives? Then you’d relate to the story of Wyatt and Blu – our cute, witty, and dyed-hair couple who are all set to bring smiles to your faces. Here’s their story:


18 Funny Comics about Pet Parents Life with their Pets

Working a 9 to 5 job can be incredibly dull unless you have a great hobby. Sarah Harmon, an artist, does not let the boredom get to her. She uses her free time to draws silly comics, showcasing her moments with her husband, two dogs, and a cat. Her illustrations are hilarious and relatable to most pet parents.


Couples That Cook Together, Stay Together

ADVERTISEMENT: 27. Phones and tablets are destructions to most couples. However, they are entertainment gadgets that captivate you as you cook together. You use them for a common goal. To keep you engaged and smiling. You prefer to have her scroll into the tablet as you both laugh at the …


I Wish I Could Get Someone Like This

ADVERTISEMENT: 14. True love also cares. A caring person would always be there for you when you are down or when you need affection most. Love and care will be reflected in the act of the person when you are not feeling too well. This will show in the presents …


Why you should never cross your legs

ADVERTISEMENT:   Crossing legs at the knee often comes automatically for ladies when sitting down, the position is seen as elegantly “ladylike” or “feminine.” This common pose that people especially women adopt is also associated to being sexy. Though common, crossing legs can have detrimental consequences to the body. Most …


Get Rid of Annoying Razor Bumps

ADVERTISEMENT: Shaving can become a painful hassle, especially if It becomes a daily ritual. The worst part of the shave, well apart from the occasional nick, is the bumps. The nasty bumps are not only unattractive but can be irritating, itchy and painful. They are annoying on the legs and …


Dermatologist Guide to Anti-aging

ADVERTISEMENT: Growing old is inevitable and hard to hide. The first signs begin appearing on the skin before any other body part follows. However, you can live longer and combat the signs of time with expert advice from dermatologists and scientists. Aging can, unfortunately, start as early as 20 years …


The faces of love according to a loving husband

Spending years in a harmonious relationship is a liberating experience, which can be very different for different couples, and at the same time it is very similar for everyone. The little, everyday gestures of love urged a talented illustrator to record them in lovely drawings. Moments that we all share, and that give meaning to the feeling we call love.


The New Fad in Beauty Treatments From These Ancient Rituals

ADVERTISEMENT: The New Fad in Beauty Treatments From These Ancient Rituals Almost every potion or lotion that we use on our skin, hair and nails is artificially made in a lab. This is despite the current trend of moving towards the use of natural beauty products and organic ingredients. All …