Couples That Cook Together, Stay Together

27. Phones and tablets are destructions to most couples. However, they are entertainment gadgets that captivate you as you cook together. You use them for a common goal. To keep you engaged and smiling. You prefer to have her scroll into the tablet as you both laugh at the jokes. When you take a little…


I Wish I Could Get Someone Like This

14. True love also cares. A caring person would always be there for you when you are down or when you need affection most. Love and care will be reflected in the act of the person when you are not feeling too well. This will show in the presents that are given during those times.…


Why you should never cross your legs

  Crossing legs at the knee often comes automatically for ladies when sitting down, the position is seen as elegantly “ladylike” or “feminine.” This common pose that people especially women adopt is also associated to being sexy. Though common, crossing legs can have detrimental consequences to the body. Most people who do it are oblivious…


Get Rid of Annoying Razor Bumps

Shaving can become a painful hassle, especially if It becomes a daily ritual. The worst part of the shave, well apart from the occasional nick, is the bumps. The nasty bumps are not only unattractive but can be irritating, itchy and painful. They are annoying on the legs and torture on the bikini line! The…


Dermatologist Guide to Anti-aging

Growing old is inevitable and hard to hide. The first signs begin appearing on the skin before any other body part follows. However, you can live longer and combat the signs of time with expert advice from dermatologists and scientists. Aging can, unfortunately, start as early as 20 years due to various reasons some of…


The faces of love according to a loving husband

Spending years in a harmonious relationship is a liberating experience, which can be very different for different couples, and at the same time it is very similar for everyone. The little, everyday gestures of love urged a talented illustrator to record them in lovely drawings. Moments that we all share, and that give meaning to the feeling we call love.


The New Fad in Beauty Treatments From These Ancient Rituals

The New Fad in Beauty Treatments From These Ancient Rituals Almost every potion or lotion that we use on our skin, hair and nails is artificially made in a lab. This is despite the current trend of moving towards the use of natural beauty products and organic ingredients. All in all, modern technology is quite…


Anti-Aging Guide for Healthier Lips

Anti-Aging Guide for Healthier Lips In the anti-aging conversation people tend to leave out lips even though lines around the mouth and volume loss are the first signs of aging. Dr. Macrene Alexiades who is a dermatologist in New York City says that several key changes occur on the as one grow older. Wrinkles and…


How the Modern Woman Is Fast Embracing Her Inner Witch

How the Modern Woman Is Fast Embracing Her Inner Witch Photo Credit: Getty Images Thousands of witches around the country congregated on February 24, 2017 to cast a compelling spell on Donald Trump. While taking part in the mass enchantment, singer Lana Del Rey encouraged her supporters on social media to take part in the…


The Ultimate Celebrity Bikini Gallery Ever

The Ultimate Celebrity Bikini Gallery. Let’s look back at some of the best celebrity bikini moments of all time! Now that the warmer months are finally here, we’ll see more and more celebrities donning two-pieces and hitting the beach. Keep scrolling to see the top shots and, if you can’t get enough of stars in …