Funny Cats Posing Like Pin Up Girls

ADVERTISEMENT 1. I sure want to cuddle someone after seeing this. Lol. Well, the half-naked lady can sure drive some emotions all around you. The Kitty does not want to be left out. Although not as comforting as having those boobs and smooth skin on the tree but Hey! Do …


The Most Remarkable Oscar Outfits Ever

ADVERTISEMENT Celebrities have been consistently making the headlines with their impressive outfits. While some were trying at all costs to show new fashionable style in their respective industry, most of them are having the best year of their carrier life. The following are some of the most remarkable Oscar outfits …


Photos That Prove Instagram Lies To You

ADVERTISEMENT Instagram is a social media platform for social media photos. With this regard, many people with an Instagram account can post whatever they want, whenever they want. Let us have a look at the at Instagram photos that are fake. 15) Tagged Pictures Are Never Great It is a …


17 Images that Highlight the Dangers of Swimming in the Ocean

ADVERTISEMENT 17. Lion’s mane jellyfish are the largest species of jellyfish with a maximum bell diameter of 2 meters. These fish reside in swallow waters like swamps and open seawaters. Giant jellyfish are potentially dangerous to humans considering their size, and poisonous sting. Their sting causes blisters, irritation, muscle cramps, …


Top 20 Most Dangerous Countries in the World for Tourists

ADVERTISEMENT There are days you want to travel and see the world. You wish to experience different cultures and sights and take your mind off of things for a while. It even gives you that break you desperately need to reinvent yourself and relax. However, some countries should be a …


22 Of The Oldest Women In History To Have Given Birth

ADVERTISEMENT 1. DALJINDER KAUR Photo Credit: Getty Images Dalijinder Kaur holds the record for being the oldest mother. She gave birth to a boy back in 2016 at the age of 72. Her husband, Mohinder Singh Gill at that time was 79. The son whom they named Arman meaning “wish” …


These beautiful eyes from different corners of the world will amaze you!

ADVERTISEMENT Throughout the ages, eyes have been considered the windows to the soul. Many songs, poems and immeasurable adjectives have been put forward in an attempt to best describe the magical aurora of this human facial feature. However, none has been able to perfectly capture the alluring essence of beautiful …


Top 30 Most Beautiful Women in the World

ADVERTISEMENT 30. Mozhdah Jamalzadah At the young age of 5, Mozhdah and her parents left their country of Afghanistan to escape the troubles brought on by a civil war that was tearing her county apart. They settled in Canada where the young girl turned to music to help leave …


The faces of love according to a loving husband

Spending years in a harmonious relationship is a liberating experience, which can be very different for different couples, and at the same time it is very similar for everyone. The little, everyday gestures of love urged a talented illustrator to record them in lovely drawings. Moments that we all share, and that give meaning to the feeling we call love.


Anti-Aging Guide for Healthier Lips

ADVERTISEMENT Anti-Aging Guide for Healthier Lips In the anti-aging conversation people tend to leave out lips even though lines around the mouth and volume loss are the first signs of aging. Dr. Macrene Alexiades who is a dermatologist in New York City says that several key changes occur on the …