Top 20 Most Dangerous Countries in the World for Tourists


There are days you want to travel and see the world. You wish to experience different cultures and sights and take your mind off of things for a while. It even gives you that break you desperately need to reinvent yourself and relax. However, some countries should be a no-go zone since visiting them would be endangering your lives. Volatility in these countries is usually as a result of political instability, terror threats, and high crime rates. Visiting them would leave you vulnerable. You will be at quite a high risk of dying, being kidnapped, or being injured. Many countries offer travel advisory warnings. Failure to adhere to these can leave you with no diplomatic help in case something bad happens. The World Economic Forum releases an annual list of such countries, and this helps you make sound travel and investment plans. Below are the 20 most dangerous countries that you need to keep off this year.

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