The New Fad in Beauty Treatments From These Ancient Rituals


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A Világ 20 Legszebb Nője

19.Alicia Vikander Vikander svéd származású, aki a legnagyobb áttörést az Oscar-díjas Gerda Wegener szerepével érte el. 7 évesen kezdett el színészkedni, de 9 évesen balettozni kezdett. Legutóbbi filmszerepe Lara Croft volt a Tomb Raider filmsorozat újraindításában, korábban Angelina Jolie-val.

Love & Lavish Lifestyles: Who Holds the Heart of the Mega Wealthy?

19. Miranda Kerr – $60 Million Miranda Kerr, a renowned Victoria’s Secret Angel, finds herself in the throes of wedded bliss as she is joined in matrimony with none other than Evan Spiegel, the illustrious founder and CEO of Snapchat. As if that were not enough to leave tongues wagging, …

Bananas: Sweet Temptation or Health Hazard? 20 Compelling Reasons to Limit Your Intake!

19. Weight Gain Bananas may seem like a healthy fruit with low-calorie content. However, consuming them frequently can cause weight gain. Despite not being as calorie-dense as other high-fat foods, bananas can still contribute to weight gain. Try to monitor how many bananas you consume to avoid unintended weight gain. …